Shine & Fine Body Art Glue  Shine & Fine Body Art Glue (7 ml)
Shine&Fine Body Glitter Glue is safe and qualitative product for work with glitter tattoos. Hipoalergic. Don't irritant the skin. Invisible, don't dry for long time. Very good holds glitters on the skin. Shine&Fine Glitter tattoos will hold on from 7 to 10 days, depends from skin area.
Glue must be kept in dark place. After often use glue becomes thicker.
Shine & Fine Copy Liquid Shine & Fine Copy Liquid (40 ml)
Shine&Fine Copy Liquid is made to copy desired image on the skin. Special made liquid to fast and easy copy the image on the skin. Hipoalergic. Don't irritant the skin.
Shine & Fine Patch Shine & Fine Patch (5м)
Shine&Fine Patch is made to apply the stencil on the skin.
Shine & Fine Brushes Shine & Fine Brush
3 kinds of brushes is available, to help you make any desired design of Glitter tattoos.