How you make Shine&Fine glitter tattoos?

Apply Shine&Fine Copy Liquid to copy desired image or paint it. Then apply Shine&Fine Body Glue to fill up the painting and apply it with Shine&Fine Body - Art Glitters.


Are glitters save for your skin?

Used materials aren't allergic and the technique is save, don't irritant the skin.


How long paintings hold on?

Approximately 2 weeks, depends from skin area where shiny tattoo is painted. For glitter tattoos is used waterproof glue, so you can visit SPA center, swimming pool or sauna and feel free. Only don't rub the place where you have glitter tattoo.


Can use glitters on eyes?

You can use glitters on eyelids, but put the glitters with thin brush.


How I can use shiny tattoos on bikini design?

Its better to make tattoos on the next day after waxing, because the skin after waxing is very sensitive.

Shiny tattoos you can combine with henna tattoos.


Can you clean skin from glitter tattoos after some days?

Yes, of course. If you don't want tattoo anymore, put on tattoo very worm water. Then rub the painting from one side and it will go off easy.


Do you need to use cleanser before procedure?

Yes, before you put a painting on skin, you need to clean the skin, but remember, when you copy desire image with Shine&Fine Copy Liquid the skin must be dry.